GIUSEPPE MAZZOTTI 1903 was established in 1903 by Giuseppe Bausin Mazzotti. He was succeeded by his sons Torido and Tullio and his daughter Vittoria.  Today, after the death of Giuseppe Bepi Mazzotti, Torido’s first-born, Tullio Mazzotti is leading the fourth generation of ceramic artists. A family-run artisan business has been established, under the name GIUSEPPE MAZZOTTI, dealing with the production of ceramic handicrafts.
In 20th Century, the Mazzotti Manifacture has leaved a relevant mark in ceramic art world, also thanks to important partnership with futurist art’s world.
In ‘Thirties and after in ‘Fifties, like today, Mazzotti Manifacture alternates its own production, traditional or contemporary, with fruitful and imporant collaborations with artists and contemporary designer.
In addition to the traditional production, Mazzotti provides limited-edition reproductions – based on molds or original drawings by Tullio Mazzotti – of Futurist-style works belonging to the Futurist and Art Deco production dating back to the ’30s.
At that time artists such as Trenta Fillia, Munari, Gaudenzi, Bevilacqua… used to visit the workshop and complete their artworks, which are now highly-prized by researchers and collectors, who recognize their value as works of art.